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Issue 11/2016 The Returned & Services League of Australia WA Branch

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From the President’s Pen | Peter Aspinall

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There’s a clear appetite in WA for ex-service organisations to work together for the betterment of veterans.

Such a system would eliminate duplication of services to the same client and where a client did receive help, others involved would be alerted. Of course, the client’s right to privacy would have to be protected at all times. But the notion of working closely together is very attractive. It puts veterans and their families first, where they ought to be. It also reflects our thinking about plans for the new ANZAC House, which will in effect be a Veterans’ Centre. So when a Veteran, serving ADF person or family member comes into the centre, they will be directed to whoever can best help them. The new ANZAC House will not only possess the physical necessities but also the presence of those other ESOs to offer their valuable advocacy and welfare services. The ESOs can do so by either co-locating with RSLWA or by creating a “shopfront” within ANZAC House.

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The challenge now is to do it.

John Power, RIP


On November 22, RSLWA opened its doors at a new head office location in Perth. These offices, at 66 St Georges Terrace, are ideal for meetings and gatherings of people dedicated to supporting Veterans, serving personnel and their families. Three days later - on Friday - we hosted an ESO Welfare forum. Attendees were welfare and advocacy representatives from Legacy, Soldier On, the Bravery Trust (which is relocating to Melbourne), TPI Association, Overwatch Australia and The WA Partners of Veterans. The dominant issue at the meeting was: How can we all work more closely together to get the best outcomes for veterans and their families? So these representatives suggested there should be a quarterly meeting of all ESOs interested in welfare and advocacy services; that these meetings could bring along case files to work out which organisation is best at delivering the required service. A further suggestion was that ESOs should follow the lead of police and establish an online case management system. “Let’s not just give lip service to collaboration – let’s actually sit down and work together.”

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But why wait for the completion of the new ANZAC House?

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The need is now. Look at the national reports – on homelessness, unemployment, mental health and suicides.

Our doors at the new offices in Perth are open for business.

We are open to rapid advances to caring for our clients and supporting all our sub- branches that are already doing the same.

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