The Wood Book Global Edition

BESPOKE & SPECIAL ORDERS WHEN STANDARD PRODUCTS WON’T DO SOMETIMES YOUR REQUIREMENTS CANNOT BE FILLED BY OUR STANDARD PRODUCTS. WHILE OUR RANGE IS EXTENSIVE, WE AT THE SAME TIME UNDERSTAND THAT AT TIMES YOU NEED SOMETHING MORE. WE ARE PROUD TO BE ABLE TO FULFIL YOUR BESPOKE WOOD FLOORING REQUIREMENTS. You can have your ideal floor of any size, colour or pattern. You may start with one of our standard products or even an external option that is giving you the overall look you are after. Our team can then work with you to refine the primary characteristics of the product to meet your exacts needs.

We may be able to modify: • Width or length of the planks • Thickness of the product to meet desired build-up

• Grading of the top layer • Certification requirements • Specific patterns or matching planks • Custom design panels • Surface texture and finish • Colour and shade

Discuss your requirements with us: | +44(0)1524 737000


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