The Wood Book Global Edition


Some characteristics of wood are purely natural and these are explained below.

Knots & fillers

A knot is either the base of a side branch or a dormant bud around which the grain flows. A knot is sometimes replaced by filler and this may be of various colours: white, grey, brown and black are shown here.

Medullary rays, checks & shakes

These white, ribbon-like medullary rays are an indication that the plank has been crafted from quarter-sawn timber. Checks and shakes usually occur at the end of a board and may be cut off.

Smoking & Firing

Smoking and fuming are essentially the same and refer to a process whereby the hardwood is exposed to ammonia gas for 24 (single) or 48 (double) hours. The colouration is surface deep only. Unlike staining, smoking reacts to the chemical composition of the individual plank, so the ultimate shade will vary. This variation is considered an asset, however if you prefer a more even tone we suggest you consider choosing stained rather than smoked wood. Fired products are treated in a vacuum, sometimes for several weeks, and the dark colour runs throughout the lamella providing a genuine visual alternative to tropical hardwoods.





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