The Wood Book Global Edition


Pattern plays a pivotal role in the appearance of any floor.



Plank This is sometimes known as plank, strip or boards and is available in a variety of different lengths and widths. Each offering a unique look and feel.

Herringbone This traditional parquet style remains as on trend today, as it always has. The blocks may be laid in single or double patterns, or if they are the correct proportion alternate pattern options.



Chevron One of the more visually impressive patterns combines geometric angles with directional flow. Our chevron pattern floors have a 45° angled point, and the alternating rows deliver a stunning two-tone aesthetic.

Versailles Owing its name to the fabulous Palace de Versailles, one of the world’s great building projects, the Versailles design consists of squares held together by what appears to be an interwoven mesh of wood strips, all within a wood frame. Bespoke If you are looking for something a bit different, then we have a host of panel and pattern variations that can be produced to order.



Mansion Weave A more complex and endless pattern, mansion weave is particularly effective in larger rooms.


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