The Wood Book Global Edition


Your choice of finish will affect the overall sheen, durability and maintenance. Unfinished Allowing you to be the artist, this is a completely natural surface, without treatment. It’s up to you to finish how you wish. Unfinished timber can include different grades of character so all you have to do is re-sand the surface once installed and create using the blank canvas. Lacquered This is normally a polyurethane coating that covers the pores of the wood and forms a hard, resilient surface, protecting it from dirt and moisture ingress. A good quality lacquer will protect a wooden oor for anything from 12 months to 6 years, depending upon the amount of foot traffic. Oiled Oil penetrates deep into the wood and brings out the true beauty of both the color and grain, as well as providing protection for the oor. In addition to providing a natural look, oiled oors lend themselves to being spot repaired in the event of surface damage. UV Cured Hardwax Oil Combining the wear advantages of a lacquer with the subtlety of oil, this nish is micro-porous, water-repellent, dirt-, wear-, and stain-resistant against wine, beer, cola, coffee, tea, fruit juices and milk. It will not crack, ake, peel or blister. Valour UV Cured Hardwax Oil Valour is a film-forming oil that allows the surface to be layered like a lacquer but retains the appearance and characteristics of an oil. It provides increased scratch and impact resistance and offers the hardest wearing oiled finish in our range.


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