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APRIL 2019

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Getting together for a Mastermind session was one of the most valuable experiences of my time in San Diego. With a group of 18 other respected business owners, we shared successes and workshopped one another’s challenges. I always find that when you bring a group of people together who have similar goals, are on similar paths, and have a mentor who’s a few paces ahead of them facilitating, so much can be accomplished.


As a leader, when you step down from being in charge for a day — or even better, a few days — you get to see everything in a new light. You get a break. People aren’t looking to you for ideas, and you get to be led by someone you admire. I didn’t have to come up with the agenda during the conference in San Diego, and it was great! Once you get past someone else running the show, it’s relaxing. It was like my own Spring Break. When you help others solve problems, you also form new relationships with people. You learn new practices from each other, and you find out what’s worked for others, and just as importantly, what hasn’t. There are so many takeaways that come out of every Mastermind I attend. Coming back to the office, I was excited to share what I’d learned. My time in San Diego was valuable, not just in getting a little time away but also in reorienting my perspective and helping me hone in on what I need to do to move my business to the next level. This month, I’ll be busy implementing the priorities I defined in the workshop and during my Mastermind session. I’m looking forward to a busy, productive spring. What are you excited about this season?

A few weeks ago, I returned from Spring Break. It didn’t consist of a cruise to Cancun, but it was nevertheless a refreshing few days away from the office that allowed me to refocus my business priorities. I returned with a game plan and some ideas to share with my team to start implementing right away. The day I arrived in San Diego, it was rainy and cold — not exactly the sunny California weather I’d pictured when I booked my trip. By the next morning, though, the sun was out and it was a pleasant 60 degrees. I woke up early and had a rare hour of time to myself before my first meeting. San Diego is a really cool city, and since I was staying in the heart of downtown, I took the opportunity to explore it. The city felt vibrant and alive; people were grabbing coffee, getting their morning bagels, and moving about their days. It’s not often I have an hour to myself just to wander around, and I enjoyed spending that time taking in a new city. Everything was within walking distance, which made for a great experience. A while later, I headed to my first meeting and immersed myself in the task at hand. I switched into performance mode. Our presenters shared some great information, and I got valuable insight into what I’m doing well and what I can do better.


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