Work Out on the Road The No-Equipment Workout

For advanced athletes, summer brings the opportunity to add some extra “play hard” to your “work-hard- play-hard” routine. To the most dedicated of gym buffs, the thought of laying around on a beach for a week during vacation sounds absurd. So what should you do when you have to leave your regularly scheduled workouts and your gym membership at home? Luckily, there’s a workout for you — it’s called the Sore Legs, No Equipment Workout. The Sore Legs, No Equipment Workout, also known as the Hotel RoomWorkout, was created by Bobby Maximus, author of “Maximus Body” and a regular contributor to Men’s Health. While this workout is especially beneficial for endurance and strength athletes, anyone up a creek without a paddle, or rather, in a hotel room without gym access, will find this workout helpful.

Maximus’ Sore Legs, No Equipment Workout involves a series of repeated lunges and wall-sits to bulletproof your lower body. Not only will this give you more stamina on a long run or ride, but you’ll also get rid of aches and pains. Better yet, if you don’t have any lower body issues related to running now, you’ll prevent issues down the road by using this workout. Most strength athletes find themselves in a rut because they don’t do enough reps. This workout is designed to solve that problem. This workout is not only designed to increase your lower body strength and harden your body, but to challenge you mentally as well.

followed by a 30-second wall-sit. Then, 38 alternating lunges, followed by another 30-second wall-sit. You reduce the number of alternating lunges by two every time and end each rep with a 30-second wall-sit until you are down to two alternating lunges followed by a 30-second wall-sit. To get the most out of this workout, it’s recommended that you make it all the way through without resting. Most likely, you’ll find that a few reps into the Sore Legs, No Equipment Workout, your legs will be just that — sore. Beyond that, this workout is a great way to add variety into your normal workouts and keep you at your strongest during summer vacations and work trips.

In essence, the Sore Legs, No Equipment Workout involves 40 alternating bodyweight lunges,

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Ignore Insurance Company Offers of Quick Settlement

You’ve been in an accident, and now an insurance company is being very friendly to you. They want to make sure you’re “taken care of,” and they’d like to settle quickly, without putting you through the “expense of hiring an attorney” or the difficulties of court. They’d rather just send you a check.

Sometimes they’ll even send a check in the mail, totally unsolicited. That check will have the words “Full and Final Offer” printed on it. If you cash it, your claim is over , which is exactly what the insurance company wants. They’re hoping you need the money enough to accept a lowball offer, or are uninformed and will fall for their cheap trick. No matter what, I guarantee that any quick payment offer the insurance company makes will be worth a fraction of the true worth of your claim. You don’t need to understand the entire claims and insurance process just because you’ve been in accident, but you do need to understand that the insurance company will not act in your best interest. Just as you cannot trust the doctors they order you to visit to be fair and impartial, you also cannot trust that they will offer you a quick settlement that is close to what you deserve. If you get that check in the mail, come visit us before you visit the bank!

Is that in your best interest?

Usually, the answer is no. Insurance adjusters are trained and experienced to handle all kinds of claims, and they’re very good at lowballing people who need money and might not know the importance of hiring an attorney. Of course, they’d be happy to send you a check — I’ve talked to adjusters who told me they’d gotten people to accept less than $1,000 for injuries worth 10 times that!


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