C+S February 2022 Vol. 8 Issue 2 (web)

Impact(s): The Mountain Avenue West Recharge Basin will have a sig- nificant impact on the surrounding San Jacinto Valley. In an environ- ment where water usage is always a subject of discussion, this fa- cility allows the community to plan for the future by allowing for conjunctive use of advanced purified water, surface, and groundwater resources. During wet years, surplus water will be stored in the basin, which allows future access when the area is experiencing a drought. In addition to providing more accessible, reliable, and sustainable resources for the community, it also allows for recre - ation with a 1-mile walking trail around the facility. Highlights: • Flow control and metering facilities for up to 42 cubic feet per second (cfs) of raw water

• Flow control and metering facilities for up to 21 cfs of future advanced purified recycled water supplies • Basin inlet and hydraulic control structures featur- ing manually operated channel gates with a passive overflow emergency bypass system • Grading plans and details for nearly 400,000 cubic yards of excavation and export


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