C+S February 2022 Vol. 8 Issue 2 (web)

Wondercool at World Expo 2020

Kaynemaile Limited

Project Location: Dubai, UAE Category: Environmental + Sustainability, Small Firm Started: January 11, 2021

Completed: October 1, 2021 Project Budget: $3,000,000 Project Cost: N/A Project Leadership Team: • Kayne Horsham - CEO Kaynemaile • Client - Dubai World Trade Center • Architects - Woods Bagot UAE

• Technical Consultants - MACE Group UAE • Engineering Consultant - Mott MacDonald • Construction - Alec Engineering and Contracting

• Lighting - C+D Lighting • Installation - Mr. Shady

Project Overview: The WonderCool Installation at the 2020 World Expo is a soaring 130,000 square foot kinetic shade canopy that greets new arrivals to what is considered the Olympic Games of architecture and construction. When other shading materials failed to endure 100+ degree heat, desert winds, and humidity, the Dubai World Trade Center and the rest of the planning team turned to Kaynemaile. Kaynemaile’s WonderCool canopy created a passive heat management system providing 70 percent shade protection over the entrance to the expo ground. In addition, the canopy’s 55 overhead screens that run the 60 meter length of the entrance hall move in a fluid motion, which creates a calming sensory experience. These screens consist of interlocked rings of engineering grade polycarbon- ate, combined using a patented liquid injection molding and assembly process. The “ringmail” structure of the mesh allows the fluid move- ment of the installation while also deflecting visible and infrared light waves as well as durability against wind forces. Unlike most of the 192 World Expo country pavilions which are destined for removal or redevelopment after the event closes, the Dubai World Trade Center Arrival Hall and its Kaynemaile WonderCool canopy are considered legacy installations, meaning it will continue to greet guests with a moment of wonder for many events in the future. Impact(s): The WonderCool Installation represents a sustainable so- lution to taming one of the harshest environments on the planet. The success of Kaynemaile’s WonderCool material in this environment is im- portant as the world continues to grapple with the effects of climate change. The process to create Kaynemaile mesh has a minimal environmental impact, and end-of-life mesh can be shipped back to their factory to be repurposed.



February 2022

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