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B uilding S ervices & S uppliers By Beverly Blum, DesignWorkBuild Transforming blank walls into a welcoming environment


It’s important to understand that colors evoke moods. The use of artwork can enhance the productivity of employ- ees, calm individuals that are stressed and work on the subconscious to solicit many other responses. Designing is more than nice colors and fabrics. It is the cohesive balance of all the elements within the space to make employees and residents welcome within their environ- ment. Beverly Blum is presi- dent of DesignWorkBuild. n Stout & Caldwell hires Gindville as environmental division manager CINNAMINSON, NJ — Stout & Caldwell has an- nounced that Ben Gindville, joining Stout & Caldwell, Gindville was a managing member at Osprey Environ- mental, LLC. Firm principle responsible for managing and conducting various envi- ronmental studies including wetland analyses and delin- eations, state and federal permitting, cultural resource studies, plant ecology and vegetation sampling, wetland mitigation design, threatened and endangered species inven- tories, habitat evaluations, Phase I/II Site Assessments, soil evaluations, environmen- tal assessments, and environ- mental impact statements. Gindville earned a Bachelor of Science, Environmental Studies, from Richard Stock- ton State College and earned Certified Project Manager, (CPM) designation from Penn State University Certifications include OSHA 40 Hour Hazwoper Train- ing, OSHA 8 Hour Supervi- sor/Manager, PATCO Safety Trained, NJ Transit Safety Supervisor. His professional associations include Society of Wetland Scientists, New Jersey Academy of Science, Philadelphia Botanical Club, and Member Berlin Rotary. n Ben Gindville PWS, CPM h a s b e e n hired as En- v i r o nme n - tal Division M a n a g e r , bringing 24 years of ex- perience. P r i o r t o

very now and then we come across a landlord or real estate execu-

building should have blank walls. It takes time and some- times a lot of convincing to change their minds. Many times it takes carving out funding within the existing budgets by value engineering the construction or negotiating furniture purchases at a lower cost, to make this happen. We always find a way, because it’s that important. Years ago I was one of those lucky interior designers that was given the resources to invest in a corporate art pro- gram. At AT&T back in the

lobbies, and common spaces reflects the client’s image, culture and in most instances is a statement of the genre of individuals the client wants to attract. In addition to reflecting the client’s vision, the use of art- work should take into account the type of architecture both interior and exterior as well. Psychologists will tell you that color has a huge impact on moods and actions. That’s why jails are no longer painted gray and red carpets are used in restaurants as red makes you salivate.

day and at Citibank recently there were art curators on staff. In addition to the won- derful art they purchased and commissioned as investments, they also had 1,000’s of s/f of artwork stored to select from. Recently we had to convince a corporate telecom executive that blank walls was not the way to go for an 8,000 s/f office space, and carved out $5,500 from the budget for artwork on the walls. So why is it so important? Artwork reflects the corporate image and the client’s vi- sion. Artwork in multifamily

tive that be- lieves there i s no need for artwork as part of a renovation. Some t h i ng o b v i o u s l y has dr iven this decision,

Beverly Blum

either they neglected to put money into their budgets or are truly short sided and be- lieve modern office space, or a contemporary multifamily

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