M id A tlantic Real Estate Journal — Economic Development — January 30 - February 12, 2015 — 3A E conomic D evelopment Economic Development


Real Estate Journal — January 30 - February 12, 2015 — 3A


M id A tlantic

D elaware

N ew J ersey

Delaware welcomes new business and nurtures existing companies with a highly touted business-friendly atmosphere, a skilled work- force, opportunities to innovate, and an entrepreneurial spirit that thrives in any economic condition. The First State boasts a favorable tax climate, stands as one of the lowest business cost locations in the country and offers a variety of financing programs designed for businesses of all sizes. As a result of these efforts and others, the state’s job growth has out-paced the nation’s for the past two years and we were recently recognized as one of the top two states best-prepared for the new economy.

Companies operating in traditional sectors such as agriculture and manufacturing continue to grow in Delaware by keeping current with the latest technologies and training their employees to operate cutting-edge equipment. Pharmaceutical and biotech firms place our state on the forefront of innovation with groundbreaking advances in curing and treating disease and accurate diagnosis. Our financial sector grew in the face of the recent downturn and has emerged ready to benefit from the growing economy. We’re growing niche sectors, such as aviation, by expanding training opportunities. And, as we know, every large company once started small, and with that in mind we do everything we can to foster entrepreneurship, start-ups and small businesses. Thanks to our five-star beaches, Delaware has become the go-to destination for summer vacationers, and tax-free shopping ensures busy holiday seasons at our malls and outlets. But our state is also home to an endless array of tourist sites and museums waiting to be discovered, and we make them easy to find with a series of trail systems. On behalf of the State of Delaware, I extend my best wishes for a successful 2015 to com- mercial real estate professionals in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia. I look forward to working with you to continue to grow the First State’s economy. Sincerely, Jack A. Markell Governor

P ennsylvania

V irginia

It is my pleasure to extend my best personal regards and appreciation to the real estate professionals of the Mid-Atlantic Region. I commend you for contributing to the vitality of the Commonwealth’s economy and for working towards a more prosperous future for Pennsylvania and our neighbors. The Commonwealth remains committed to economic growth and job creation for our state’s citizens. My administration recognizes

that growing the private sector is the only way to accomplish these goals. I am confident that you share my passion for creating economic growth and I look forward to continue working with you in the years ahead to better serve Pennsylvania’s citizens and make our region an attractive place for businesses to grow and succeed. As Governor, and on behalf of all Penn- sylvanians, I am pleased to extend my best wishes to the real estate professionals of Penn- sylvania, Delaware, Virginia and New Jersey for continued success in growing the economy in our state and our region.

Sincerely, Tom Wolf, Governor

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