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Larsen and Bauer of CI Design in Baltimore will lead renovation and design Petrie Richardson Ventures redevelops 350,000 s/f Ellsworth Place in Silver Spring, MD E

llsworth Place, for- merly known as City Place, in downtown Silver Spring, MD, is owned by a joint venture of Petrie Richardson Ventures , of Annapolis, MD and Rock- wood Capital . Ellsworth Place is located at the junc- tion of Colesville Rd. and Fenton St. and is a 350,000 s/f, 6 level enclosed mall. At the heart of where Sil- ver Spring’s downtown area is in Maryland, Ellsworth Place will now have several new entrances on Colesville Rd. and Ellsworth Dr. This

will improve the mall’s con- nections to the surrounding streets which already has lots of foot traffic and will provide better visibility for stores and passers-by. John Larsen , president of CI Design in Baltimore, MD, with his principal senior project planner and designer, Chris Bauer , will be in charge of the renovating and architectural designs of the redevelopment of Ellsworth Place. CI Design will be up- grading the exterior with a more modern look to fit its surrounding neighborhood.

Ellsworth Place

The interior will also be reno- vated and feature a vintage industrial theme. “The city is super excited about the new developments”, said Bauer, “and the community is equally as excited and eagerly awaiting the new, positive changes of the mall, as well.” H&R Retail , a Washington, DC and Baltimore based retail real-estate brokerage firm, is the leasing company for Ellsworth Place. Ellsworth Place has some major, well known tenants currently, including the newly renovated Marshall’s which is now open, Burl- ington Coat Factory and TJ Maxx and the arts and crafts store, Michaels, which are still under construction. Chiptole’s Mexican Grille and Ben and Jerry’s are just some of the restaurants and eateries that are there, also and the convenience of two banks, TD Bank and PNC Bank are in the mall, as well. Adjacent to Ellsworth Place is the AFI Silver Theater and Cultural Center. The Fillmore is located across the steet and features a live music venue with many local, well-known musicians and current popular entertainers in the music industry. There are also many other retail and entertainment destinations to come. From its multi-faceted market, to its dynamic, new transformation, Ellworth place is destined to be one of the key factors in the revital- ization of Silver Spring. The Grand Opening is expected to be towards the end of 2015, in November, on Black Friday. By Al i ssa Aronson , PR writer for the Mid At l ant i c Rea l Es tate Journal. n

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