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Our Guiding Light/ What Keeps Us Centered Defining What We Stand For April 2019

Back in the day, I was going to Ohio State and putting myself through school by working as a dental assistant and hygienist at the Children’s Hospital in the evenings and at a private practice on weekends. A typical day went something like this: I’d go to class all day, head to work at the Children’s Hospital from 4:30–9:30 in the evening, and then study late into the night. Looking back, I don’t know how I did it — obviously, I was a younger man than I am now. On Saturdays, I worked at a private practice. These jobs offered a chance to see different work cultures and get a glimpse of what I wanted to emulate (and, just as helpful, not emulate) when I became a dentist. philosophy. Of course, I wasn’t thinking about that at the time. I was focused on gaining the skills and experience that would allow me to help people as a dentist. But the reality is that, while immersing yourself in an experience, you develop your own personal philosophy for who you are and what you do. When I opened Nagy Family Dental Group, I started the practice from scratch and realized that I had to decide what the practice’s philosophy would be. What characteristics would we be defined by? What values would guide us? The variety and diversity of experiences I had really helped me develop my professional

Originally, the practice’s values came from me. I wrote down what I thought should guide us. I outlined four values I felt fit with our goals as a dental practice. Since then, I’ve turned to my team for input. As our practice grew, defining our values became a collaborative effort. Everyone has to be on board with the core values. No one can do it alone. Some of you are probably familiar with our mission. It’s posted in our reception area as a reminder of what we stand for: “Our purpose is simple: to provide professional dental care services of the highest standards with the utmost compassion and courtesy while maintaining an environment that cultivates and promotes individualized care in a family and faith-based practice. Our mission is excellence.” This mission aligns with the seven core values we’ve identified: Teamwork, Integrity, Respect, Generosity, Compassion, Service, and Stewardship. These are the characteristics we want to embody in our work. These values are our compass; they help us make decisions and steer us back on track when we veer from our path. When we’re making hiring decisions, we refer back to the core values and determine if a candidate exemplifies them. Our free dental care initiative, Salt & Light, was something we all felt passionate about, and it’s no coincidence that the endeavor aligns with many of our values. Here’s one quote that inspired our core values: “Generosity is the antidote to selfishness.” In everything we do, we want to be generous stewards to our patients and our greater community. With our core values as our compass, I know we‘ll get there.

-Dr. Nagy


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