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This brochure provides information about our nationwide property risk management services.

Not just another risk assessor

Cardinus Property & Insurance

Cardinus P roperty & I nsurance

E xperience in the property market 14 years+

Nationwide Risk Management Service Cardinus Risk Management has 14 years+ experience in the property market, providing risk assessments, audits and Reinstatement Cost Assessments for 30,000+ developments.


D evelopments managed

Not just another risk assessor

Manage G o l den T hread in f ormation

I N DIGO records the Golden Thread information for your b uilding ( s ) , which is a re q uirement of the Building Safety Bill.

We provide nationwide risk management services to help our customers protect their people and properties. Our services include: Reinstatement Cost Assessments (Building Insurance Valuations) Fire Risk Assessments Health and Safety Risk Assessments/Audits Conflict Management Training

Y ou ’ re in sa f e hands

We have £10 m P rofessional Indemnity insurance cover, we ’ re regulated b y RICS and our Fire Risk Assessments are BAFE ‘ Gold ‘ certified. BAFE is a UK AS registered scheme, which audits our surveyors, reports and processes annually.

T hree assessments in one visit

W e also have the follo w ing ISO accreditations :

Our team of surveyors, undertake BAFE Gold Fire Risk Assessments, RICS regulated Reinstatement Cost Assessments and Health and Safety Risk Assessments/Audits in a single site visit, saving you time and money.

ISO 9001 Q uality Managemen t ISO 14001 Environmental Managemen t ISO 27001 Information Security Managemen t ISO 45001 Health & Safety Management

Know your property

Our innovative risk reporting and scheduling software (INDIGO) will help you to digitally manage and schedule surveys. This will minimise your risks and create safer living environments.

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C ardinus P roperty & I nsurance

Reinstatemen t Cost Assessments Ov er t h e l ast t h ree years w e ’v e recti f ied o v er £ 9 b i ll ion o f underinsurance on properties. A re you e x posed to serious f inancia l ris k?

What is a Reinstatement Cost Assessment?

A Reinstatement Cost Assessment will help you to avoid the disastrous consequences of underinsurance, which include: The claims payment doesn’t cover the full property repair/rebuild cost Funds unavailable to complete the rebuild Increased borrowing required Negative impact on balance sheet Complex negotiations with insurers Unhappy leaseholders and tenants Extended rebuild times Exposure to potential legal action for inadequate levels of cover from lenders and leaseholders Damage to reputation and brand. What a r e the b ene f its o f a Reinstatement Cost Assessment?

A Reinstatement Cost Assessment calculates the potential cost to rebuild a structure. It’s essential that property managers arrange regular assessments of their building(s), to ensure they’re fully insured in the event of a fire or other devastating incident.

What c a u ses u n d e r ins ur an c e?

A property could be underinsured if:

A professional valuation hasn’t been carried out in the last three years Figures are based on market value rather than the reinstatement costs Historical figures have been rounded up or don’t account for a rise in labour and materials costs The valuation is based on developer figures and doesn’t include debris removal, surveyor fees and the cost of meeting local authority requirements for a rebuild or VAT.

80% of the properties we assess are underinsured, leaving their owners exposed to serious financial risk.

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C ardinus P roperty & I nsurance

Fire Risk Assessments W e underta k e more t h an 2 , 000 F ire R is k A ssessments eac h year. A re you a ff ected b y t h e F ire S a f ety (E n gl and ) R e g u l ations 2022 ? W e can ensure you remain comp l aint w it h current and f uture l e g is l ation.

E nd to end f ire sa f ety su pp ort

Our gold standard BAFE SP205 Fire Risk Assessments will help you to: Gold standard Comply with UK fire legislation Identify and implement risk improvements Track surveys across multiple properties.

We work with our technical partner FR Consultants to provide our customers with an end-to-end fire safety solution. FR Consultants is a Chartered Building Consultancy company, specialising in fire engineering and facade safety. They provide a wide range of fire safety services, including external wall and fire engineering consultancy. These services complement Cardinus services to keep Britain’s buildings safe, compliant and insurable.

Why do you need a Fire Risk Assessment?

A Fire Risk Assessment is a legal requirement. If you’re responsible for a building, it’s your duty to identify fire risks and hazards in your premises and take appropriate action.

What c an you e xp e c t f rom us?

As part of our Fire Risk Assessment service, we offer:

Nationwide coverage Surveys for commercial and residential properties

Additional property surveys and assessments, while we’re onsite

Free access to our management software to help you track, store and manage all of your property surveys in one place.

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C ardinus P roperty & I nsurance

Health & Safety Risk Assessments O ur H ea l t h and S a f ety R is k A ssessments / A udits ensure your occupants are sa f e and t h at your b ui l din g comp l ies w it h t h e re l e v ant sa f ety l e g is l ation.

A Health and Safety Risk Assessment/Audit provides a holistic view of your health and safety compliance. It identifies the processes/policies that work and those that don’t. Why do you need a Health and Safety Risk Assessment/Audit?

We provide a wide range of health & safety elearning courses, which include: Health & Safety elearning

As b estos Awarenes s COSHH Awarenes s E ffective R isk Assessmen t F ire M arshal T rainin g F ire Safet y Health & Safety E ssential s Health and Safety Induction.

What can you expect from us?

Our Health and Safety Risk Assessment/Audit will create a road map to improvement and help you to make the right changes to your existing processes. Our skilled consultants can assess/audit any type of property to ensure: Compliance with all UK Health and Safety legislation Occupants are protected Information is presented in a format, which suits your needs.

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C ardinus P roperty & I nsurance

R is k R eporting & Scheduling K no w t h e f iner detai l s o f your property w it h INDIGO, our inno v ati v e ris k reportin g and sc h edu l in g so f t w are. S tay comp l iant w it h t h e re q uirements o f t h e B ui l din g S a f ety A ct and Th e F ire S a f ety O rder.

Stand-alone license

Everything you need in one place

Use INDIGO to digitally manage your entire property portfolio. INDIGO provides a secure, easy-to-use, web-based portal for requesting, carrying out and implementing insurance risk surveys.

INDIGO can be licensed as a stand-alone reporting and auditing system. This means it can be used by anyone and customised to your requirements.

Store Golden Thread information

What can you expect from INDIGO?

INDIGO will improve risk by recording the Golden Thread information for your property, which is required by the Building Safety Bill. This means you can easily access your building’s fire and structural safety information when you need it and remain compliant with UK legislation.

INDIGO supports every part of your property risk survey process and will help you to:

R educe the costs of organising and managing survey s

A ccess and track survey information 24/7 Simplify the storage of your risk surveys and assessment s Oversee the full survey ordering proces s Identify risk factors at a glanc e A utomate new survey request s Schedule survey s Send automated emails when action is require d P roduce high quality reports in a consistent format.

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C ardinus P roperty & I nsurance

Conflict Management Training

I ncreased l e v e l s o f f rustration and an g er h a v e b ecome common p l ace w it h in t h e property sector b ut do your peop l e k no w h o w to stay sa f e , i f a situation b ecomes h osti l e ?

Control conflict in the workplace

Pre-training analysis

The Build Zone Conflict Management Program helps individuals to identify the warning signs of escalating behaviour in the workplace. It gives them the confidence to influence situations and diffuse aggression to maintain their safety and the safety of others. All Build Zone modules are delivered by highly trained professionals with a proven background in bespoke education programs and personal safety.

During the pre-training analysis we will discuss the aims, objectives and design of the training program with you. The training will cover your existing risk indicators to ensure your employees understand the risk of conflict and how and when to report an incident.

Post-training analysis

Following each session, we’ll provide you with an analytics report, which highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the delegates. We’ll provide guidance and recommendations to strengthen your existing procedures and significantly improve the safety and wellbeing of your workforce.

Build your own training program

The Build Zone modules can be tailored to your requirements, which means you can accommodate any level within your workforce.

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Cardinus Risk Management Limited 22 Bishopsgate, London, EC2N 4BQ

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