Pro PT Inc FSI February 2018

What makes a workshop exciting? LASERS, OF COURSE!

This month, join Pro PT to get a first-hand look at our new LIGHTFORCE CLASS IV DEEP TISSUE MEDICAL LASER.

• FDA-Approved! • Drug-Free!

• Surgery-Free! • Pain-Free!

At this workshop, you’ll learn how the machine works, how it can help you, and why it’s taking the physical therapy industry by storm.

JOIN US on Saturday, February 24th from 10-11am to find out if laser therapy is right for you.

Are you... • Taking pills, potions, and rubbing on glop hoping the pain will disappear? • Trying temporary or hocus-pocus solutions because you don’t know what to do? • Slowing down and missing out on life?

• Wanting to handle the pain so you can get back to normal? • Feel as is if you have tried EVERYTHING and are still is pain?

3 big things that you will learn ... 1. What does the laser do, and how does it do it.

2. How can it help reduce pain, inflammation, and speed up the healing process. 3. Why people all over the country are so excited about this new treatment option, and why other medical providers from all over New England have been traveling to us to experience the laser themselves.

What does it treat?

• Back pain • Foot pain • Neck pain • Hip pain • Shoulder pain • Arthritis

• Tendonitis • Muscle spasms • Inflammation • Post-surgery tissue • And much more

Now for the question you’re all asking ... HOW CAN I TRY IT? Come to Pro PT’s workshop on Saturday, February 24th from 10–11am and journey into the future of physical therapy. Register Now— Call our office at 508.528.6100 Only 20 seats available for the workshop, so please don’t delay your registration.

The workshop is completely FREE — so why wait? Take an hour to handle the problem and learn about the world-class modality reserved primarily for

professional athletes. You deserve to be pain-free! Please notify the office when registering if you would like a trial. We will have a sign-up sheet. *space for trials is limited*

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