FRESH AIR spring Do you want to get in shape this summer but don’t want to spend every day at the gym? If you make the effort to integrate summer activities into your fitness planning, you may lose some weight and have fun at the same time. Try one or more of these summer fitness tips and you just might have a trimmer body before the cool weather of autumn rolls around. ONE Whether you are spending time at the beach or swimming in your community pool, consider incorporating water aerobics into your day. Anything from running in place to side stretches and arm circles can get your hear t rate pumping. Focus on having fun while spending time in the water, and you won’t even notice you are exercising. TWO Nothing says summer like a bike ride with friends or family. Cycle around your neighborhood, through a local park, or spin your wheels along an ocean- front boardwalk. Bike riding is phenomenal exercise and lets you explore your city at the same time. THREE Horseback riding is a summer activity often overlooked by fitness fiends. Horseback riding actually requires major core strength. Enjoy an afternoon of summer horseback riding, and you will definitely feel your abdominal, shoulder, and arm muscles the next day. To find places for horseback riding, visit and search horseback riding activities in your area or destinations where you plan to travel to this summer. Fitness 5 Ways to Pack More Fitness Fun Into Your Summer A WELLNESS PERIODICAL FOR PARTICIPANTS OF PINNACLE HEALTH MANAGEMENT

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Got a Hot Temper? Try These Fast Tricks to Cool Down

If you are easily upset, take what people say and do to hear t, and react by internalizing your anger or lashing out at others, then you are probably hot- tempered. Are you aware of how damaging sustained anger is to your health? This negative emotion can put your heart at risk, increase the odds of having a stroke, and weaken your immune system. An angry frame of mind can also make existing anxiety or depression symptoms even worse. Next time you are about to lose your cool, remember that the best way to communicate is to stay calm.When you are angry, thinking straight and seeing the big picture of what’s happening is nearly impossible. However, you can change your behavior. It’s possible to adopt new responses to challenging situations and stop before you reach your boiling point. Breathe your way to calmness The breath and emotions are linked. When you’re upset, breathing becomes rapid and takes place high up in your chest. But when you’re calm, you take slow breaths lower into your belly. To gain composure, inhale and exhale slowly. Focus on breathing, noticing the sensation of air entering and leaving your body. As a result, you’ll shift out of fight-or-flight mode and adopt a calmer demeanor.

FOUR How about scheduling a hike into your exercise planning? Pack a healthy picnic lunch in a backpack and set off for a calorie-burning summer hike with a friend, enjoying time outdoors while giving your quad muscles a hardcore workout too. To find a hiking trail near you, visit to help you plan your next adventure. FIVE Basketball, lawn bowling, and flag football are just some of the games you can play with your family in the summer. You can build summer memories with your family and supercharge your metabolism at the same time. Staying active during the summer is easy if you do a little planning. Choose a variety of activities to up your fitness level and enjoy the spectacular weather summer has to offer.

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