Briarfield Dental - October 2018

October 2018

Celebrating an Amazing Mom ALWAYS THERE

This month, I want to share some stories about an amazing person who has never gotten the credit she deserves: my mom, Paula. I know, everyone thinks their mom is the greatest mother ever, but my mom truly is a special kind of person. My mom is 92 years old, which is a feat worth celebrating in and of itself. Melody and I are her caretakers today, and while I won’t say it’s easy, I am glad I can be there to look out for her. My mom spent most of her life looking out for me. In junior high, I came down with a bad case of mononucleosis. I had to stay home for weeks, right in the middle of basketball season. It drove me nuts! When the doctor released me to go back to school and be active again, he told me, “You can play for a little while, but then the coach needs to take you out of the game. You can’t be running around for too long.” During my first game back, I completely ignored the doctor’s instructions. Whenever the coach suggested taking me out, I told him no and insisted I was fine. Since I was one of the better players on the team, the coach let me keep playing for the whole game. I’ll just say this was a bad decision on both our parts. My parents were there for that game, and later on, I would learn that my dad had to keep my mom up in the stands because she wanted to storm down to the coach right in the middle of the game. Mom was furious,

and after the game, she really laid into my coach. She wanted to protect her baby.

My mom was always like that. Mom’s No. 1 priority was taking care of our family and being there for people who needed help. People always went to my mom to talk about their problems. It didn’t matter if it was me or my brother or even one of our friends — whatever issues we were facing, Mom was always there to listen and offer guidance. She was kind and considerate like that. I never really thought about the struggles my mom might have been facing because she always put other people before herself. She had a pretty tough childhood, taking care of her brother and sister in the Marsh Foundation orphanage. In her senior year of high school, she met and fell in love with my dad. After he went off to fight in the war, they wrote letters to each other every single day.

today, though she struggles with dementia, Mom is still concerned about other people and wants to know how everyone is doing. She’s been a big influence in the lives of my brothers and me. I really don’t know where we’d be without her.

“Mom’s No. 1 priority was taking care of our family and being there for people who needed help.”

I love you, Mom. Thanks for everything.

All her life, my mom has been a strong, loving woman who went out of her way to make the people around her feel loved. Even

–Dr. Stuckey

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