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The E.O.B.B.D. guarantee Contrary to popular belief there is no governmental agency that currently regulates the purity of essential oils. Terms like Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade, Therapeutic Grade, Medicinal Grade, Grade A, and Pure have no authoritative control over the purity of essential oils. This can be misleading, making the consumer believe they are getting a better quality essential oil that the bottle contains. For this reason, Be Young uses the E.O.B.B.D. Guarantee, an internal stamp of approval and guarantee of purity. This is a promise from us to you. Be Young uses a set of standards established by the International Standardization Organization (ISO) to test for the gold standard in essential oils. Third party laboratories perform all of our testing and we provide transparent results for you to see at any time. In addition, every batch of Be Young Essential Oils begins its quality assurance with two types of analysis: a Gas Chromatograph test and a Mass Spectrum test, the first of several evaluations for purity and quality. We also perform an analysis of the soil of origination to ensure that no harmful chemicals are introduced into the botanicals. These components comprise a multi-stage expert report that guarantees a quality essential oil experience for you and your family every time.

The 7 Stages of Analysis 1. Botanical Definition 2. Confirmation of Producing Organ

3. Extraction Method 4. Physical Analysis 5. Biochemical Analysis 6. Organoleptic Testing 7. Heavy Metal Testing

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