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3 Ideas for the Ultimate Backyard Campout

3 Ideas for the Ultimate Campout


Even though it’s almost peak camping season, you and your family might opt to cancel your out-of-town trip this summer, but don’t worry. Just because you don’t head into the mountains doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy time outdoors with a backyard campout. It might not be your favorite spot in a sprawling national park, but that doesn’t mean you can’t turn backyard camping into the best staycation ever with these ideas and more. Make a DIY Tent While pitching a tent for camping always comes with some level of frustration, making your own tent using household items like tarps, rope, blankets, and more can be a fun project for the kiddos. It’s an opportunity to let them exercise their imaginations and build something they can relax, play, and even spend the night in.

screen at your backyard campout. All you need is a large white sheet, a home projector, and some speakers. Then, snuggle up in some cozy blankets and pillows under the stars while you watch the best summer blockbusters or throwback favorites. Build a FirePit No campout — backyard campouts included — is truly complete without a roaring campfire. With a gravel base and a simple stone barrier (as well as some quick and easy instructions available online), you can build the ultimate firepit for warming up on chilly nights, telling spooky ghost stories, and of course, roasting marshmallows. As a bonus, you can keep a firepit around when cooler weather rolls in too. This is far from a comprehensive list of backyard camping activities. That said, these three ideas alone can make for several nights of outdoor entertainment. Why not explore the various ways you can have the best camping experience your backyard has to offer?

Create an Outdoor Movie Theater If you’ve been craving the big-screen experience that

you thought only movie theaters could offer, you’re in luck! You can make your own big


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