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June 2020

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We Hope Your Home Is Somewhere


e ven after the COVID-19 pandemic has completely passed, its effects on our society and particularly our economy will unfortunately persist. A lot of people will probably still be hurting financially, and a lot of people will be canceling their summer vacations. While we might have planned to visit and spend time with loved ones in other cities and states, we’ll have to observe social distancing a little longer, unfortunately. With orders to work from home and without vacation plans, we’ll likely continue spending a lot of time at home. While our staycations have happened under less than ideal circumstances, I have to say I’ve experienced some benefits to spending more time at my home.

making your homes into places where you feel more comfortable.

One of the reasons I love the work that I do, even after 30 years in the mortgage lending industry, is that I get to witness my clients’ excitement when they get approved to buy their first home. Every single time we close a sale, it’s never just another transaction or just another number on a spreadsheet — it’s the beginning of a person’s story. With so many people stuck at home right now, I’m glad many of them are at least stuck somewhere comfortable — in a home that’s become a part of their life journey. I hope that like me, you have made the most of being at home more, making


“Every single time we close a sale, it’s never just another transaction or just another number on a spreadsheet — it’s the beginning of a person’s story.”

dedicated to making them a better place to live, instead of leaving as many renters might. In the long run, homeowners will be instrumental in bringing the economy back to its feet. The world is a crazy mess right now, but I have high hopes that things will ultimately turn out for the better. If there’s anything that I, or anyone at Homeside Financial, can do to help you during this difficult time, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’ll do whatever we can.

I’m normally the kind of person who keeps a tight schedule throughout the day. However, because I’ve been spending more time around the house, I’ve been able to loosen up my timetable a little. I’ve worked on my rose garden, straightened out my clothes drawers, and cleaned the junk out of all those forgotten corners of my home. It’s honestly been refreshing to get the weight of some of those tasks off my shoulders. I’m sure many of you have found similar ways to keep yourselves busy by

your space even more livable. During this time, when kids don’t understand the full breadth of what’s happening in the world and adults are wildly uncertain about what the future holds, a secure, comfortable home can help families feel more stable. On a broader scale, higher rates of homeownership make for better communities. Those of us who have planted roots in our neighborhoods are more

-Jamie Harrington



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