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Donation of benches for URVH’s walking trail to benefit “everybody”

OT recognized for improving quality of life for Muscular Dystrophy patients

“Children affected by Muscular Dystrophy and their families are truly amazing. I feel privileged to work with them and I’m happy to do all I can to make their day-to-day lives a little easier,” said Lise. Through her collaboration with Muscular Dystrophy Canada, Lise’s patients received support and funding to get the assistive technology they needed to better function in their home, school and play environments. Some children benefit from tablets or special computer accessories to do their school work, others enjoy Smart Home technology to control lights or window blinds, and many need adaptations to electronic toys to achieve what all children need to do: explore through play. “Lise’s knowledge, passion and dedication to assistive technology, the profession of occupational therapy and to the many kids and families she assists is incredible,” said Horizon occupational therapist Kara Reid. “This award is so well deserved!” Lise was presented with the award at Fredericton’s annual Walk for Muscular Dystrophy in June.

For a variety of reasons, volunteers were unable to devote the time required to maintain the service. “It’s sad that we had to close,” said Rose, “but unfortunately things happen that you do not expect.” When the Board decided to disband, they chose to use remaining funds to purchase benches for the walking trails at URVH. The Board’s decision to donate the benches was one that everyone was happy with, including Board member Shirley Boyd, who said it was a very rewarding experience for her and her husband and fellow Board member, Stephen. “It will do a lot of good for everybody,” she said. Two benches on the trail have been placed in memory of: • Dawn Campbell, pioneer CCMAF member, for years of service and volunteering; and • Donna White, CCMAF treasurer, for years of service and volunteering. Two benches have been placed in honour of: • Jim Patterson, driver, for his time commitment with CCMAF in transporting patients; and • Rose Spike, CCAMF founder, for her dedication, advocacy and years of service.

Staff at Horizon’s Upper River Valley Hospital (URVH) would like to thank and acknowledge the Carleton County Medical Assistance Foundation (CCMAF) for their generous donation of four benches for the hospital walking trail. All hospital staff, patients and family and friends will enjoy the benches. “On the walking trails if someone can only walk short distance, then they can relax and rest on a bench or if someone needs alone

time, it gives them a place to go,” said Rose Spike, association founder and president. “It is something that can be used for a lot of years to come.” The CCMAF was a community group of volunteers that graciously gave their time to raise funds to assist patients with medical transportation. The CCMAF was able to help many patients attend their medical appointments and procedures over the six years it was in operation.

Lise Bleau, occupational therapist inPediatrics at Horizon’s Stan Cassidy Centre for Rehabilitation, was recently recognized for her extensive collaborative work with Muscular Dystrophy Canada to improve access to assistive technology for New Brunswickers with neuromuscular diseases. She was awarded the organization’s Excellence in Healthcare Delivery Award, which is given annually to a physician or clinician in each province for outstanding achievements in improving neuromuscular disease clinical practices and for playing an important role in improving the quality of life for people affected by neuromuscular disorders. Muscular Dystrophy includes a group of diseases that cause progressive weakness and loss of muscle mass. Lise specializes in assistive technology to help people with disabilities be more independent in their day-to-day lives. She determines what technology could best meet the needs of children and teenagers with neuromuscular diseases in order to improve their quality of life and autonomy. Recipients of the inaugural Tom Jarrett Exceptional Care Award were recognized for demonstrating exceptional care at Horizon’s St. Joseph’s Hospital at a ceremony in June. The awards acknowledged the dedication of outstanding staff members who provided exceptional service to patients of Horizon’s Health & Aging Program. The Health & Aging Program is dedicated to the delivery of care to frail older adults in the inpatient and outpatient environment through interdisciplinary care focusing on comprehensive quality health and social care. Tom Jarrett was the CEO of Loch Lomond Villa in Saint John, a home for aging adults in need of support, for many years until his retirement in 1999. He was committed to exceptional patient care. In 2017 and 2018, he was a patient at Horizon’s St. Joseph’s Hospital where he and his family received compassionate care from his health care providers, and all staff. His family established this award to recognize Horizon staff members who provide outstanding care. “On behalf of our father and our family, we wanted to acknowledge, with appreciation, the exceptional work these recipients do everyday as they care for older adults. Their dedication to their work, along with the compassion

Members and family members of the Carleton County Medical Assistance Foundation (CCMAF) and URVH staff are photographed at one of the benches donated by the foundation. Back row, from left: Richard Derrah, chief power engineer at Horizon’s Upper River Valley Hospital (URVH), CCMAF Board member Stephen Boyd, Jim Patterson, CCMAF driver, and Rose Spike, CCMAF founder. Front row, from left: Lois Cullen (sister of Dawn Campbell), MelissaWhite (daughter of DonnaWhite), CCMAF Board member Shirley Boyd, and Erica Hull, social worker at URVH.

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Lise, left, was presented with the award at Odell Park in Fredericton by Martha Donovan, service specialist with Muscular Dystrophy Canada.

Inaugural awards recognize exceptional care at Horizon’s St. Joseph’s Hospital

Making music at Horizon’s Sackville Memorial Hospital

they show every day does not go unnoticed and is valued and appreciated by many,” said Horizon’s Dr. Pamela Jarrett, a geriatrician and Tom Jarrett’s daughter.

The award recipients were either nominated by patients, patients’ families or staff for going above and beyond the call of duty.

Meredith Hicks, Olivia Brownell and Hannah Dulenty worked in the hospital’s Brunswick West Family Practice Unit and Emergency Department. Almost every morning, Hannah, Meredith and Olivia would take 98-year-old Betty MacDonald, a Brunswick West patient, to the atrium and sing with her. Staff enjoyed the piano playing and the group’s singing, too. Betty, who has since passed away, had grown to love these students and referred to them as “my girls.” “During my co-op term, I without a doubt made memories I will never forget, especially with Betty,” said Olivia. “She taught us so much in such a short amount of time. “Although some days at co-op were difficult, as we experienced many of the ‘firsts’ of our nursing careers, I’d always leave the hospital with a full heart,” she continued. “We would sing You Are My Sunshine with Betty each day, and looking back on our experience, she was definitely our sunshine with the joy she brought us. There is something so special about connecting with patients and getting to know them.”

Five mornings a week from February until June, co-op students from Tantramar Regional High School worked at Horizon’s Horizon’s Sackville Memorial Hospital (SMH). Three students went above and beyond their work duties, bringing music and joy to the halls, patients and staff at the hospital.

Hannah, Meredith and Olivia celebrated their last day as co-op students at Horizon’s Sackville Memorial Hospital in June. Olivia and Meredith are off to St. Francis Xavier University in September to pursue Nursing degrees, while Hannah will attend the University of Prince Edward Island to study Psychology, with hopes of entering Nursing the following year. “Our future is bright if based on these dedicated young students!” said Beth Black, registered nurse at SMH.

Front row (from left): Award recipients PamWallace, Physiotherapist; Linda Cunningham, Environmental Services; Christine Phillips, Unit Aide, Cognitive Assessment Management (CAM) unit; Tanya Doyle, Ward Clerk, CAM unit; Lorraine Kincade, RN, 8th floor Transitional Care Unit; Lynda Parks, Charge RN, CAM unit. Back row (from left): Nancy Marsh, daughter of Tom Jarrett; Dr. Pamela Jarrett, daughter of Tom Jarrett and geriatrician; Laureen Jarrett, wife of Tom Jarrett; and award recipient, Jean Hawkes, Occupational Therapist. Absent from photo: Award recipient, Elaine Smith, PCA, seventh floor Transitional Care Unit. Congratulations

Horizon co-op students Olivia and Meredith, and patient, Betty, in Horizon’s Sackville Memorial Hospital atrium.

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