CONTURO Edge Bander booklet

Introducing Wolfgang Reines. Carpenter. Product manager. Inventor.

I always have mixed feelings when visiting a carpenter‘s workshop. On the one hand, I enjoy the smell of fresh timber and recog- nise the typical whirring and screeching of saws cutting through wood. I also revel in the atmosphere that I became so familiar with during my training as a carpenter. But then I immediately switch to my role as a product manager, where I have to analyse every working situation, every process and even every individual action from a very different perspective. I then arrange a meeting with the cabinetmaker to discover more about the processes in the workshop. Or hold discussions with staff to gather valuable information on how to achieve the desired result more quickly. Which, for example, could help prevent damage to the material. I also try to obtain ideas that could help achieve an overall better working result.

This is exactly how “The perfect edge” concept was developed. As a central hand-guided electric power tool for professional edge banding, the CONTURO was not designed as a replacement for stationary edging machines, but rather as an effective system solution for the manufacture of small batches or rapid production of high-quality edging, even on curved, convex or concave shapes. One system that represents excellent results and is easy to operate, but above all, opens up new possibilities for fulfilling the individual wishes of your customers.

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