CONTURO Edge Bander booklet

Attaching long strips of edging With edge bands longer than 150 cm (5’), there is a risk that the edging will drag on the floor and be- come soiled or stuck. The edging holder (accessory) was designed to avoid this situation. The edging is rolled up neatly in the holder to guarantee an even feed into the machine. As a result, you can process up to 8 m (approx. 26’) of edging * both quickly and easily. * Depending on the relevant edge band material (measurements: height 18–45 mm (11/16” to 2-9/16”), thickness 0.5–2.0 mm (1/64”- 1/16”).




Mount the edging holder first of all. Simply attach to the pins provided and secure with the locking mechanism.

You must cut the edging to length first and roll it up with the visible side facing inwards because you cannot work directly from the roll in the edging holder.



Place the roll of edging in the holder, positioning the end of the edging in the direction of the edging infeed on the machine.

Start drawing the edging into the machine by pressing the start button once. Thread the edging through the gap in the edging holder and into the infeed. Gluing can begin as soon as the machine draws in the edging.


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