CONTURO Edge Bander booklet

Mobile attachment of edging to round panels The greatest challenge when affixing edging to round panels is creating a clean join at the point where one end of the edging meets the other. The Festool trimming machine is also extremely practical in this regard.


When attaching edging to circular panels, it is important that the workpiece can be accessed from all sides without having to change the clamping position. We recommend using the VAC SYS vacuum clamping system, which can secure the workpieces quickly and safely, rotate them 360° and tilt them up to 90°.

Pads of different shapes and sizes are available for a wide range of workpieces and can be changed without using tools. They are manufactured from high-quality plastic which is so soft and flexible that even high-gloss polished surfaces remain free of scratches and damage.



When cutting the edge band to size, make sure that you add approx. 10 cm (approx. 4”) to the overall band length. Trim the leading end of the edging exactly perpendicular because it forms part of the join.

Glue the edge in the usual way. The edging holder is a practical accessory that offers maximum freedom of movement and protection of the edging.


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