CONTURO Edge Bander booklet

Manufacturing the perfect join (continued)



Mark the cutting point on the edge band.

Guide the overhanging end of the edge band over the stop pin between the trimming blades. Push the trimming machine forwards towards the workpiece up to the stop pin until the edge band that has already been glued, rests against the inner stop.



Position the trimming machine so that the marking on the edge band is located in between the trimming blades. Then use the fine adjustment feature to adjust the blades more accurately: the scale indicates whether you have to cut more or less from the edge band. Once the mark is located exactly between the two trimming blades, trim the piece of edging. TIP Before trimming, push the trimming blades together to achieve better alignment.

After trimming, use a hot air blower to heat the edge band with glue already applied. NOTE Plastic edging stretches when heated and may have to be trimmed slightly more. The best approach is to test the actual edging material.


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