CONTURO Edge Bander booklet

Inner corners of 90° are usually found on corner cabinets and shelves, which incorporate compartment or carcass bases. Edging these panels is challenging because the inner corners must be glued. Attachment of edging to inner corners



Ensure you clean and trim the leading end of the edging perfectly perpendicular, as it forms part of the join.

Place the CONTURO on the workpiece in the usual way and position the machine on the inner corner. Press the start button to feed the edging automatically. NOTE Always work with the additional roller!



As soon as the end of the edging is positioned precisely in the inner corner, guide the machine out of the corner with an even pressure. At the same time, press down the end of the edging in the inner corner with the thumb on your right hand to achieve maximum adhesion.

Always work with the slowest feed speed when affixing edging to inner corners (speed 1). TIP If the edging is longer, it may make sense to engage the help of another person to generate the required contact pressure on the inner corner.


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