CONTURO Edge Bander booklet

Please note that a radius cannot be created due to the angle and only flush milling of mitred edges is possible. The S8 HW OFK plane cutter for the MFK 700 Basic was specially developed for milling 0° –45° edges. Characteristics of routing mitred edges



First install the router cutter in the MFK 700 Basic.

Then mill the workpiece flush.


Make sure that the extraction hood under the machine is resting directly against the workpiece as this can be used as a guide. Then create the radius on the wooden edge using sandpaper. TIP Use one of the edges on the scraper to smooth the ra- dius on plastic edging. Use the straight edge on the scraper to smooth and round off the flat inner angle. Draw the scraper over the edge several times until the radius or curve is perfect.

S8 HW OFK plane cutter for routing 90° –45° edges.


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