CONTURO Edge Bander booklet

If the result achieved with the scraper is not sufficient, you can always sand and polish the edge. Festool also offers suitable system accessories here – for a finish adapted perfectly to the edging. Sanding and polishing edges


First attach the correct abrasive with a P320 grit to the hand sanding block.



You can eliminate cutter impact marks left behind after milling by simply sanding the edge. Repeatedly move the hand sanding block lightly over the edge in a steady motion to achieve this. NOTE Do not sand the surface of plastic-coated panels!

The appearance of plastic edging changes when processed and often turns white. Attach a sanding cloth to the hand sanding block and rework the edge to match the colour with the decor again. The cloth produces a semi-matt finish on plastic edging and the surface of the edge blends in with most decorative fin- ishes.


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