CONTURO Edge Bander booklet

CONTURO KA 65 Accessories

Base runner scratch protector LAS-STF-KA 65 Base runner with fastener, 4 retaining screws, 3x felt pads. X X For using the edge bander on delicate or high-gloss surfaces X X With StickFix system for quick and easy replacement of the felt layer

Replacement felt EF-LAS-STF-KA 65 10x 10x replacement felt, for use with base runner scratch protector LAS-STF-KA 65

Edging holder KSP-KA 65 For feeding in long or delicate edging. For a maximum edging height of 45 mm, maximum edging thickness 2 mm. X X For the safe guidance of delicate and thin edging into the edge bander KA 65

X X Safe guidance of long edges without damaging or soiling X X Max. edge lengths of 8 m (edge thickness of 2mm) possible X X Easy machine guidance, even along long edges

Trimming machine KP 65/2 Trimming height 65 mm, trimming thickness 2 mm. For trimming on the right and left side as well as circular edging. X X Join trimming function (for round table) and trimming of panel edges (final trimming) with a single machine X X For trimming plastic edging with a height of 18–65 mm and a thickness of 0.5–2.0 mm (depending on material) X X Ergonomic handle location for easy, effortless trimming, even on thick edging X X Patented eccentric fine adjustment for precision join trimming X X Tabletop on both sides of the trimming machine allows the user to trim left and right panel edges from above - with a perfect view of the workpiece

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