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june 2009

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Success inmanyways canbe perceived throughharmony in the organization – a harmony attained by aligning individual performancetothegoalsofbusiness.However,whenitcomesto behaviours and job roles, the path to accomplishing this intention canbe linedwith ambiguity. Theclarityforthispurposecanbesoughtthroughawelldefined competency framework. One that, as our Industry Champion – Prashant Shringarpure explains, can help recruit individuals prudently,or,measure along various dimensions those optimal characteristics desired, propounds Dr. Tavkarr. Simply put by Monimoy Sen Gupta, a competency framework acts as an anchor in wise retention and a lighthouse in skilful recruitment of individuals. Mohuabyqualificationisapsychologist bringing this paradigm to the corporate sector. She is passionate about tapping into the infinite capabilities of the human potential. She looks forward to her unique contribution to people in the form of assisting them in showcasing themselves. She therefore strives as an editor of Knowledge Beans to help people share their experiences and pearls of wisdomto all thosewho seek it. Mohua Editor | editor@atyaasaa.com Highlights of this issue - Industry champion,Prashant Shringarpure advocates the importance of Competency Mapping in prudent recruitment - AshieshTavkarr gives an academician’s perspective of the theoretical aspects entailing a Competency Framework - Monimoy Sen Gupta explicates how the Competency Framework symbolizes a lighthouse guiding our actions in Organizational Development the editor’s column

Industry champion

Prashant Shringarpure

Recruiting better – how competency mapping can help

Competence, human competence, is arguably the most critical element for success in business.It is a well documented fact that employee competence and a supportive organizational structure are necessary for any business to realize it’s strategic goals as also to adapt to the tough economic conditions of the day. When it comes to adding capability or capacity to any team or organization, managers have to make a rather basic ‘make-or-buy’ choice…either ‘make’ the talent internally through training or ‘buy' it via recruiting. Most companies try and strike a balance between buying and growing.However,during tight economic times when recruiting budgets are severely restricted or even frozen, the emphasis almost always shifts dramatically toward “growing talent.” Conversely, when it comes to making tough decisions like, which people to let go, often employee’s valuable inherent competencies may be overlooked for short-term expediency. especially

Prashant Shringarpure is the Founder & CEO of Hexagon Executive Search Pvt. Ltd. which is a talent acquisition partner to some of the leading global corporate brands. His passion is recruitment consulting and he has enabled client organisations to significantly raise their talent acquisition capabilities. Prashant is the foremost authority on Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) in Pune and has been the chief architect of some of the most complex corporate RPO engagements.

Competency mapping has thus become an inescapable reality. In spite of the relentless talk about the need to develop “workplace competencies” and “mapping” them, the truth is that many human resource professionals and their organizations are still struggling to do this in a meaningful and systematic way. If you are a HR or a Recruiting Manager and you want to increase your impact on the business, a downturn is a signal that you should begin to focus on in identifying and building competencies.Why?

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Agreat hire has the right combination of skills, competencies and inherent talents

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