Fami was founded as a specialist industrial furnishingmanufacturer. Over the years, considerable resources and energy have been invested in growing our professional skills, establishing an impressive network of contacts and transforming research andmaterials into highly functional, innovative and top quality products. Fami is a solid business organization with a number of production divisions operating from a location of 230 thousand square meters, buildings of 95 thousand square meters and employs over 400 people. We have four subsidiaries abroad, in Germany, Poland, Austria, Switzerland. Our authorized distributor network covers every major country in the world. Every year we transform over eight million kilograms of iron and steel. The production is totally internal to the group with a division specialized in industrial furniture and one in the preparation of commercial vehicles.

Eco Sustainability and sustainable development are issues of great importance arising from the increased awareness that the changes and renewals that need to be accomplished should be done with respect to the environmental balance and above all that our resources are pre- cious and need to be conserved for future generations. Fami S.r.l is constantly studying new technological innovations and is a forerunner in the industrial furniture manufacturing in implementing sustainable solutions. FAMI has installed a 1.4 mWp photovoltaic plant on the factory rooftops with a surface area of over 45.000sq meters. The systems consists of 6140 polycrystalline silicon panels known for their high quality, efficiency and longevity and guaranteed for 25 years. The photovoltaic system produces over 44% of the yearly electrical demand of the company. ECOLOGY


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