METAL Originally processed with rudimentary hand tools, over time it began to be cut, shaped and assembled by the brute force of the first presses, but now, with the advent of electronics, it undergoes innovative production processes during which the metal is shaped, drilled, assembled and coated to deliver exclusive products. Thanks to the use of industrialized manufacturing processes, state-of-the-art technologies and the staff’s peerless professional expertise, Fami’s plants take in the raw material and turn out the finished, high-performance object the customer expects from us.

WOOD Wood has always been a living material, and as such, it must be handled with great care during processing. In-depth knowledge is required to choose the correct cutting direction, the right equipment to shape it, and the appropriate coatings to make the most of all its characteristics. The types of timber used are of the highest quality: beech, a very hard, tough wood, is ideal for contact with metal parts while birch, exceptio- nally strong for its weight, is used for van interiors.


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