Making full use of the possibilities of leading-edge technology, both automation and productionmanagement and focusing above all on the dynamics of “best practice” are the key resources of a successful company. The metal division has all the equipment needed to transform a plain sheet of metal into a finished, functioning item: Automatic processing lines, robotic assembly systems and automatic coating plants are just some of the tools available to the Fami production group. The key to this success is the skilled staff, drive the company forward developing better andmore efficient metal working solutions. They are the essential power house that accelerates our growth. METAL


Woodworking is also highly mechanized, using a numerically controlled machining center which processes the piece to obtain the com- ponent required in a series of programmed operations. The wood is moved to the processing line presses, where robots pick it up and load it into the machines for processing, while other robots automatically change the tools needed for the insertion of threaded inserts, the drilling of locator holes and shaping.


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