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Unique Ways to Celebrate Mom’s Big Day DOES YOUR MOM YAWN ON MOTHER’S DAY?

Mother’s Day is the special time of year when we get a chance to spoil moms for everything they do for us. In 2020, we have an assortment of exciting and clever ways to ensure our mothers know how much we love them. Sure, she would enjoy a lovely gift, but Mother’s Day is not about how much money you spend; it’s about the memories you can make. So to ensure you and your mom can create memories you both cherish, here are some unique ways to make her day!

simple recipes will blow your mom away! Some of these basic dishes include apple pandowdy, chocolate- covered Oreos, and classic

chocolate chip cookies! Even if the recipes don’t go as planned, the time you spend with your

Make a Scrapbook

Making scrapbooks is a fun way for you and your mom to relish in all the times you’ve had together. Bust out those old family photo albums and transform them into something amazing. You and your mom can work on separate pages and bind them together when you’re done. What’s more, scrapbook materials are relatively cheap. Complete scrapbooking kits range from $10–$40.

mother during the kitchen project will be something she can cherish for a lifetime.

Start a Garden

Stream and Clean

If your mom likes to stay active, starting a small garden with her will be fun for everyone! Since

During the two weeks before Mother’s Day, make a note of all the little chores and errands your mother does day in and day out. Additionally, make sure you know her favorite shows andmovies. Then on Mother’s Day, surprise her with a day full of her favorite movies andTV shows while you take care of all the errands and cleaning she usually does. This way, she can relax not only for the day but also several days following Mother’s Day, since you already took care of her errands. Afterward, you both can relax and enjoy some fun entertainment to top off the day.

it’s spring, most garden shops will be packed with fun and unique vegetables, herbs, and flowers to choose from. Not only does this create some fun memories, but as the garden flourishes, she will also have her favorite plants at arm’s length. It’s genuinely going to be the gift that keeps on giving.

Karaoke Night

If your mom is a music lover, hosting a karaoke night will make her year! Invite all your family over (or bring everyone together over a video call) to channel their inner Beyoncé. Make a note of your mom’s favorite songs and create the playlist for the night. This will build an assortment of lasting memories for the entire family. And best of all, since you’re hosting, your mom can relax and enjoy herself without the worry of having to clean up afterward! Is there anything special or unique you like to do with your mother on the big day? Let us know next time you’re in the office! We’re always looking for new and surprising ways to show the mothers in our lives how much we care.

Make Dessert Together

If you and your mom have a sweet tooth, making dessert is a great way to bond and make the most out of this holiday. Even if you’re not a great baker, several

“Making scrapbooks is a fun way for you and your mom to relish in all the times you’ve had together. Bust out those old family photo albums and transform them into something amazing.”

—Brett Parish


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