Joyeuses Fêtes

Happy Holidays!

Practical gifts for leaving home

W hen young people leave home to move into an apartment for the first time, often as students, there isn’t just furniture and appliances to think about. Here are some practical gift ideas for those flying the nest and who only have a limited budget.

For the kitchen A few dishes are always useful, unless fro- zen meals are the only item on the menu! Don’t just stop at plates, bowls, glasses, cups, and utensils. You can also offer pots, pans, cookie sheets, and plastic dishes. For proud pastry chefs measuring cups, muffin and cake pans, a whisk, and wooden

spoons are also essential; don’t forget a large bowl for mixing the ingredients. Some decorative items Lamps and accent furniture are not necessarily essential, but they are very useful and make an apartment much more com- fortable. Other items, such as curtains, are not always affordable to start with. Of course, choosing the right colour can be difficult, but you can always go for neutral tones. Household linens Oven mitts, aprons, towels, washcloths,

tea towels, and dish cloths — they may not be the gifts your young person is dreaming of, but they’re so practical. And it’s better than receiving a garbage can or cleaning products! Plus, household linens can be quite expensive, so you’ll really be helping them out. The possibilities are endless; just think about what you have and what you couldn’t do without. Bathroom accessories, a toaster, rugs, coffeemaker, and why not a chocolate fondue set too? Some of us couldn’t live without one of those!

Personalize your Christmas gifts

Personalized books Personalized books are great gifts for those people who love to read or play at superheroes. All you have to do is provide some information about them, and they became the hero of the story. This customization varies from one book to another. It may simply involve giving the hero the recipient’s name or introducing their tastes, abilities, or personality traits throughout the story. There are books for all ages and all tastes. It’s up to you to choose between an adventure story, a romance novel, or a cartoon strip; it all depends on what best suits your hero or heroine. Photos Use your photo albums to provide perso- nalized gifts, whether they’re meant

to be practical, fun, or decorative. You can have photos printed on mouse pads, puzzles, mugs, cushions, aprons, Christmas tree ornaments, pillow cases, pencil cases, towels, bags of all kinds, wall clocks, clothing, coasters, snow globes, playing cards, piggy banks, key chains, and board games. With digital photos, almost anything can be customized. Jewellery Jewellery offers many possibilities for personalized gifts. For example, you could offer a ring adorned with the recipient’s birthstone, or a particularly representative pendant. Or, how about a bracelet engraved with a few words that show how much you cherish her.

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