Board Converting News, February 6, 2023

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can run all corrugated substrates, it is designed to spe- cialize in micro-flute and high graphics up to 1000 FPM. The “Thermal Dynamic Process” provides a competitive advantage over conventional technology when running these special products. “Fosber America also installed our first Smart SF5 Belt SingleFacer with a quick flute change cassette system in the USA. The Smart SF5 Belt SingleFacer is available up to 1500 fpm and in 98-inches and 110-inches. The SF5 uti- lizes a Teflon-coated non-metallic belt. The design offers precise belt pressure control, reliable tracking and easy accessibility for fast belt replacement. In addition, there is an option to add Water Decks to both the medium and liner side, creating a balanced sheet, void of any warp characteristics. This machine can be seen in production by contacting Fosber and taking a trip to the Midwest. “Tiruna America, Inc. continues to be an industry lead- er in new and refurbished corrugating rolls, pressure rolls,

FOSBER/TIRUNA Green Bay, Wisconsin: Joe Slattery reports, “Fosber Amer- ica would like to thank all our customers for helping us

achieve another record year. Our Green Bay-based Production, In- stallation, Service and Parts Depart- ments, were able to handle all our customers’ needs despite the supply chain and other issues our industry faced. As we enter a new year, we are fortunate to have a healthy back-

Joe Slattery

log to carry us through 2023 and beyond. “In 2022, we installed multiple 1500 fpm full-line cor- rugators featuring enhanced Syncro Control, full ProCare System and full Sound Enclo-sures. We also installed our very first Quantum Corrugator line. While the Quantum line

cartridge rebuilds, parts and service. Tiruna has technicians trained to assist in the in- stallation of corrugating rolls in any make single facer. Also, Tiruna has expanded their cartridge rebuilds, parts (stocking all necessary parts) and service for most types of single facers. Tiruna made some sub- stantial capital investments in 2022, includ- ing a new state-of-the-art grinder to add to our quality and capacity. “Fosber and Tiruna thank you, our ex- tended family of customers, for your contin- ued support. We are proud of our accom- plishments, excited about our future and grateful to work in this exciting industry. Contact Fosber at (920) 339-6100 or www. and Tiruna America at (920) 338-6650 or . HAIRE GROUP Merrillville, Indiana: Keith Umlauf reports, “The year 2022 was another great one for

Haire Group, thanks to our amazing em- ployees and custom- ers. Haire Group con- tinued to grow and expand. “In addition to our Apstar line of flexo

folder gluers and rotary die cutters and the Encore set-up-while-run line of flexo fold- er gluers and rotary die cutters, we began selling the Engico Jumbo flexo folder gluer. With our expansive line of machinery, we are able to pair clients with the best machin- ery solutions for the best value to meet their specific needs. CONTINUED ON PAGE 30 Keith Umlauf

28 February 6, 2023

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