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Gypframe profiles Dimensional specifications data sheet


All British Gypsum system solutions listed in The White Book and The Site Book are covered by SpecSure®, a lifetime system warranty designed to protect the integrity of British Gypsum specifications and deliver reliable performance, unrivalled technical support and peace of mind for everyone involved in the construction team. The SpecSure® warranty is invalid if you change any component, as this will affect the system performance. General Information on the installation and handling of British Gypsum systems and Gypframe profiles can be found in the The Site Book . For health and safety guidance, handling, storage information, please use the Gypframe Safety Data Sheet.

This data sheet contains the dimensional specification of the following Gypframe components – Gypframe Studs, Gypframe Channels, CasoLine mf , GypLyner , ShaftWall , GypFloor silent , GypWall rapid dB Plus , Gypframe CurveLyner Channel, Gypframe Steel Angles and Gypframe Specialist Profiles.

Gypframe profiles are cold roll formed from DX51D + Z140 NA-C, utilizing the patented UltraSTEEL™ 1 process.

Cold Rolling and UltraSTEEL™ UltraSTEEL™ is a manufacturing process that alters the

characteristics of plain steel, providing higher strength capacity at a lighter gauge. The process effectively hardens the steel by working it in strips with two mating rolls, which produce a dimpled surface and ribbing effect across the surface of the metal. During the process, the effective thickness of the material is increased to that of the original thickness plus that of the ribbing.

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Fixing Either British GypsumWafer Head Drywall Screws or British GypsumWafer Head Jack-Point Screws should be used to fit two sections of metal together - see table below:

Example: Base gauge = 0.5mm : after UltraSTEEL™ process = 1.0mm

Once the UltraSTEEL™ process has been applied, the base material is then passed through a series of contoured rollers which progressively form the steel into the required profile. The number of rollers in the process will vary, depending on the complexity of the profile being rolled. Service entries or tabs are pierced, either at the beginning or end of this process. The formed profiles are then cut to exact length, packed and then bundled ready for delivery. UltraSTEEL™ is unique to British Gypsum and the Gypframe product range. Along with an aesthetic difference, UltraSTEEL™ provides the following additional benefits over plain steel sections: — Improved yield strength — Improved load carrying capacity — Improved screw retention and strip out strength — Improved resistance to screw pull-out Standards Gypframe metal products are produced to the European manufacturing standard EN 14195: 2005 and are manufactured under a quality system independently audited and certified as conforming to ISO 9001: 2008 . The EN 14195: 2005 standard does not cover component design or system performance.

British GypsumWafer Head Drywall Screws

British GypsumWafer Head Jack-Point Screws

Metal-to-metal up t o 0.79mmthick Metal-to-metal greater than 0.80mm thick ‘ ’ Stud framing up to 0.50mm thick ‘ ’ Studs greater than 0.50mm thick

Either British Gypsum Drywall Screws or British Gypsum Jack-Point Screws should be used for fixing plasterboard to metal. Screw length should be based on board thickness and reaching a minimum of 10mm penetration into a metal stud.

Example: 2 x 15mm Gyproc WallBoard + stud gauge + 10mm = minimum 40mm British Gypsum Drywall Screw

British Gypsum Drywall Screws

British Gypsum Jack-Point Screws

Board-to-metal up to 0.79mm thick Board-to-metal greater than 0.80mm thick ‘ ’ Stud framing up to 0.50mm thick ‘ ’ Studs greater than 0.50mm thick

The first 2 or 3 digits of a component code refer to the component width, the letters refer to the component type and the last two digits indicate metal thickness or gauge in mm (see example below). Component width in mm - Example = 60mm Component type - Example = ‘ ’ Stud Stud gauge - Example = 0.50mm 60 50 Example:

Do not assume products manufactured to this standard can be substituted, as system performance will be changed.

UltraSTEEL™ is a registered trade mark of Hadley Industries Overseas Holdings Limited.

Product Data Sheet – PDS-220-06


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