2018 November Club Columns

Newly Married Jose Luis Calderon (Eugenie Valentine Calderon) Elizabeth West Fisher (W. Michael Fisher, Jr.) Edward Witcomb Rider (Caroline Gottwald Rider) Juniors Paul Callis Atwood, Jr. Mary Calvin Watkins Craig Mary Lillian Donaldson NEW MEMBERS

IN MEMORIAM The Board of Directors, members, and staff of The Country Club of Virginia extend their condolences to the families of Dr. Burr Noland Carter II

Mr. Spotswood Braxton Hall, Jr. Mrs. Sherwood Adams Jones (Mary Gatewood) Mr. Charles Bruce Miller Mr. Randolph Harrison Neal Mrs. George Walker St. Clair (Margaret Carol Young) Mrs. Carter E. Talman, Jr. (Margaret Towers) Mr. Timothy Ward Wood II

WELCOME TO THE CCV FAMILY... Hillary & Charles Einwick welcomed Charles Harrison Einwick on April 27, 2018 Sarah & Jonathan Winks welcomed Cabell Garnett Winks on August 16, 2018.

Peyton A. Dukes Wells Tiller Lucas Knox David Quigley Linley Holland Rose

Charles Granville Valentine Nolan Andrew Wages, Jr.


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Charlotte Hupp

John E. Corey

T. Scott Carter

Martha E. Grover

Peyton Field Cox Agnes Elizabeth “Lizzie” Cullen Cox

Richard Cullen

Peter F. Farrell

Stuart T. Farrell

Wyatt Andrew Loflin Allison Hunter Loflin

Deborah E. Hunter

James A. Shield III

M. Andy McLean

William Nelson Edmunds Elizabeth Williams Edmunds Charles Mixon Matthews Laura Reichert Matthews

Cameron D. Wick

Charles E. Bradshaw III

J.P. McGuire Boyd, Jr.

Ginny B. Wortham

Wes Atiyeh

Douglas S. Granger

Stedman Davis Oakey Lauren Tweel Oakey

Jerry W. Jenkins

Scott H. Miller

Hugh G. Edmunds, Jr.


Stephen Anthony Oley

J. Sargeant Reynolds, Jr.

Thomas E. Gottwald

Bruce R. Hazelgrove IV

If you have feedback regarding a nominee, please contact the Membership Committee Chairperson. If you would like to submit a letter of support on a nominee’s behalf, please note that letters should be of substance that particularly addresses the nominee’s personal relationship or connection to you, the Club member.


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