Big English AmE Level 6 Student Book

Read the predictions made by John E. Watkins in the year 1900. Check ( ✔ ) the predictions that you think came true. Then listen to check. I, John E. Watkins, an American civil engineer, predict in 1900 that in one hundred years from now, . . .  1. Trains will travel at speeds of up to 150 miles per hour.  2. A man in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean will be talking to his family in Chicago. It will be like his family is sitting next to him!  3. People will be buying ready-cooked meals.  4. People will be sending photographs from anywhere in the world. Photographs of major events from another continent will be in newspapers in an hour, and they will have the colors of nature.  5. People will be eating strawberries as big as apples! Raspberries and blackberries will also be big.  6. Americans will be taller by one to two inches. 1 DREAMS FOR THE FUTURE

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