The Livewell Clinic - June 2019

DEDICATED TO CHANGE Angie Zeller Shares Her Livewell Clinic Experience

July 2018

W hen Angie Zeller was pregnant with her eldest daughter, Piper, about 12 years ago, she became passionate about holistic health. Digging into the various research on natural products, Angie began a supplement regimen, maintained a low-carb diet and fasting routine, and was active on her volleyball teams. Overall, she was focused on educating her child to understand the power of natural wellness.

autoimmune disorder, Hashimoto’s. This disorder causes Angie’s immune system to attack her thyroid, and for years, her antibodies remained high. But late in 2018, the antibody level that was attacking her thyroid had been cut in half. “That tells me that I can do something about it, and I amheaded in the right direction,” Angie says. ROOT CAUSE AND HOW IT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE SO YOU'RE NOT LIVING WITH THESE HEALTH ISSUES .” "... [IT’S ABOUT] UNDERSTANDING WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH THE

But then, in 2017, Angie could tell something was off. “I was like, ‘I don’t understand. Something else is wrong,’” Angie recalls. “I was taking care of myself, understood supplementation, and wasn’t using prescription drugs.”

2017, before Angie started with Livewell

Yet, Angie’s body wasn’t in sync. One day, as she walked down the halls at her office, she felt so lightheaded that she thought she might fall over. Over time, she noticed her menstrual cycle wasn’t right, her joints were in pain, and her ears rang. The determined multitasker that she is, she couldn’t even remember one number when she was transferring data from one spreadsheet to another.

Since her experience atThe Livewell Clinic, Angie says three of her siblings and a few friends have also found success with the clinic. Even her son, Ty, has been changed byThe Livewell Clinic’s methods. Living with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Ty is often triggered by certain foods, Angie explains, but his work with the clinic may soon allow him to quit taking his medication. Additionally, Angie says the work she and Ty have

“It was very scary,” Angie says. “It was like, this is not me.”

In August of 2017, Angie visitedThe Livewell Clinic in search of answers. After blood tests, Dr. Lori Miller andThe Livewell Clinic team discovered Angie’s liver was not

January 2019

been doing with the clinic has also transformed the way she and her husband Barry—who were married in July of 2014—want to educate their child, Ari, who is 3 years old, about her health and wellness. “Honestly, it’s changed my life,” Angie says about the clinic. “I believe in it. People have to step out of their comfort zone, but [it’s about] understanding what you can do with the root cause and how it can change your life so you're not living with these health issues.”

functioning properly. Immediately, Angie switched to a gluten- and dairy-free diet and began regularly detoxing. Ever the believer in holistic health, she jumped into functional medicine wholeheartedly.

October 2018

But for Angie, the most profound impact has beenmade on her


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