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“Make a face like that, and it’ll stay that way forever.” You may have heard something like this from Mom’s book of wisdom. Maybe you never disputed the idea that mother knows best. But as you grew up, it slowly became clear that hair doesn’t grow back faster and thicker if you shave it, cracking your knuckles doesn’t cause arthritis, and gum doesn’t stay in your stomach for months after you swallow it. After a whirlwind of wives’ tales over the years, many common claims have been put under scrutiny. Wives tales have been known as pseudoscience and blind intuition, but even as many were disproved, some surprisingly proved to hold weight. Here are three wives’ tales that have proven to be true. Garlic Cures Colds For decades, moms have professed the healing properties of garlic, suggesting it can cure colds and help the body fight sickness. It turns out they were absolutely right. Garlic has antiviral properties that strengthen the immune system and nutrients that help combat illnesses. The effects of garlic can actually be more effective than over-the-counter flu medications. Some studies show that regular consumption of raw garlic lessens the likelihood of getting a cold, so if you feel a tickle in your throat, try a clove before you open the medicine cabinet. Heartburn Means a Hairy Baby It’s hard to list wives’ tales without bringing up one about pregnancy. Many are solely based on intuition, but a few that sound odd are legitimate. In 2007, a study done by Johns Hopkins attempted to debunk the myth that heartburn 3 Wives’ Tales Proven True

during pregnancy would mean a hairy baby at birth. Instead of proving it wrong, they found that 82 percent of women with severe heartburn during pregnancy gave birth to hairy babies. Turns out the hormones that cause heartburn in pregnant women also affect fetal hair growth. Joint Pain Predicts the Weather Did you ever look at your mom with skepticism when she would predict rain because her knees hurt? If so, you might owe your mom an apology, because there is a scientific connection. The drop in barometric pressure that’s common during storm weather causes pain in arthritic joints.


If you haven’t examined your estate plan in some time, the new year is a great time to start. As you reflect on all the changes 2018 brought and think about your plans for 2019, set aside some time to ensure your documents match these new developments. After all, your family’s needs shift as time goes on — shouldn’t your plan do the same? Depending on the form your plan takes, there are a few specifics you should go over every few years or after a major life event. Here are three things to look at.

you chose still right for you? Are your beneficiaries and the assets you’ve planned to give them still in line with your wishes and their needs?

Life Insurance

If you have a term life insurance policy, there are a few other factors you should refresh yourself on. Beyond potentially updating your list of beneficiaries, you should keep an eye on your policy’s expiration date. Also keep track on your policy’s payment history. If you’ve let it lapse, you should notify your beneficiaries and estate planner.

it’s important to keep these up-to-date with your mindset. You should also remind yourself of who your health care proxy is and ensure they are still up to the task. No family or estate stays the same. Why should your will be any different? With a little maintenance over the years, you can ensure your plan grows with your loved ones and their needs and remains true to your wishes.


Advanced Directives

A will, which is the most common plan, covers a lot of ground and is therefore prone to minor changes over the course of your life. When examining this document, look first at the roles you assigned when you drafted it. Are you still satisfied with your executor? Are the guardians

Advanced directives are crucial to ensuring your wishes are respected in the event you can no longer make medical decisions for yourself. It’s possible that your choices regarding these critical health decisions will shift over time, so

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