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JUNE 2020

Many of the same bands I listened to as a teenager still tour, too. I’ve attended lots of concerts over the years, such as the Rolling Stones and the Eagles. I was planning to see The Who and Mick Jagger last year until they had to reschedule. I go to more concerts now than I did when I was young! For my 60th birthday, I had a big dinner with a Beatles cover band. It was a ton of fun. I have a lot of appreciation for what professional live musicians are capable of. I consider myself an amateur musician, but my claim to fame is that I’ve played bass twice for BuddyWhittington, the lead guitarist of John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers from 1993– 2008. They’re very famous in Europe and Japan, though less so in the U.S., but they are extremely talented folks. I met Buddy at church 10 years ago. The folksy band I was in played at our church once a month, and he agreed to jump in twice. Buddy is definitely one of the world’s nicest guys. I still keep up with my music practice. Lately, I’ve been learning “Black Muddy River” by Jerry Garcia from Grateful Dead. (For kids that don’t know: Yes, he’s the person that the Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream flavor is named after!) I do play and sing for a small crowd whenever they’ll tolerate me: my daughter and wife. Van Morrison’s “Brown Eyed Girl” is one of my favorites to play for the girls, since they both have brown eyes. There’s also “Come Monday” by Jimmy Buffett back from 1974. It’s a simply beautiful, classic love song. Actually, when Jimmy Buffett recorded the “Come Monday” music video, he had no money, so he hired his then-girlfriend to play his love interest. Since then, they’ve gotten married and are still together.


These times might be crazy, but there’s plenty that stays the same. Just like I experienced a calling in law, I’ve felt a type of calling in music. A “calling” might be how most people experience a really good song or the feeling of seeing a live musician play each note perfectly on their guitar just like you’ve heard a million times on the recording. There’s just something inexplicable that pulls you into it, and it brings you closer to yourself and the people around you. June 21 is World Day of Music, so I couldn’t miss a chance to talk about classic rock — that’s what they call it on the radio, at least. One of my favorite artists is John Hiatt. A lot of people with big hits have covered his songs, like “Have a Little Faith in Me.” It’s huge in movies. I remember the first time I heard a John Hiatt song, actually. I thought he was another artist with a gravelly voice, but it was a song off his album “Slow Turning” from 1988. So, I bought “Slow Turning.” Celebrating World Day of Music With Gary Medlin

It was the first time I bought a full album, and I still listen to all those songs to this day.

Since then, I’ve been to many John Hiatt concerts throughout my life. I’m a huge fan of live music, and I’ve seen John Hiatt live at least seven times, whether he’s on tour with other artists or just himself. When you listen to music you loved in your teenage years or your 20s, that becomes the soundtrack to your life. (My daughter has heard my classic rock playlist since she was born; hopefully I’m indoctrinating her into the genre!)

In almost every culture, music brings us closer to both ourselves and each other. I think that’s exactly what people need these days. I hope you’re able to enjoy some good music this month, friends.

– Gary L. Medlin, Esq.

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