A Resilient Africa 2020 - An AfriLabs Impact Report


Engaging our community

To design effective programmes that support our community, we frequently connect with them to understand their realities and get feedback so that we can plan the right interventions for them. Listening Tour Listening Tour The AfriLabs Listening Tour is a unique session organized to enable the Secretariat team to gain insights from members and also learn more about their experiences and expectations from the network. The Listening Tour was held from the 17th of August to the 28th of August 2020. With a total of 16 sessions, we had a turn-up of 72 members during the listening tour. Here is what our community told us about their current experience in a pandemic year. Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their community, they noted the following:

Shortage of funds amongst member communities.

Reduction in administrative cost which led to the layoff of staff.

A Halt in physical activities due to the lockdown in various countries.

The decline in partnership and sponsorship of programs.

They put the following measures in place to overcome these challenges:

The digital transitioning of programs such as incubation & acceleration training, hackathons, and mentoring amongst others. Development of platforms such as Hagiga Wahid, Blue Messenger, and Rumour Verification Management System to help spread adequate awareness as regards the pandemic. Embarked on COVID-19 production of PPEs and relief materials to communities.

Renovation, relocation, and restructuring of workspace/coworking space.

2020: A Resilient Africa: An annual report of AfriLabs impact

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