A Resilient Africa 2020 - An AfriLabs Impact Report


Djembe Insight Report AfriLabs, the largest pan-African network of technology and innovation centres in partnership with Djembe Consultants, the award-winning Africa-focused communications consultancy, launched an Insights Report during the 2020 AfriLabs Annual Gathering. The report assesses the impact of COVID-19 on the continent’s young innovators and entrepreneurs and provides perspectives from industry experts as to how African decisionmakers from both the public and private sectors can accelerate support across the full innovation spectrum including education, inclusivity, investment, policy and research and development.

Access the report at bit.ly/AfriLabsDjembeInsightReport

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The continent’s survival DNA, always durable to internal and external shocks of all shapes and forms, proves a resilience in its youthful demographic, one that is constantly creating, innovating, and looking

The Insights Report reaffirms our strongly held belief that the African innovation ecosystem is singularly the most important enabler of widespread socio-economic development. Despite the innate resilience African innovators and SMEs have shown during this challenging year, this ecosystem urgently needs further intervention of policymakers and industry supporters to create a more conducive environment for innovators and SMEs to survive and thrive. While the uncertainties of COVID-19 continue to threaten economic stability and growth, future economic prosperity can be greatly enhanced by nurturing the African innovation spirit to prepare the continent for incredible success, just when it needs it most.

Anna Ekeledo, Executive Director, AfriLabs

Partnering with AfriLabs on the Djembe Insights report was an incredibly impactful collaboration. The team’s passion and expertise for innovation in Africa was an integral part of our campaigns and we look forward to more shared success soon.

Mitchell Prather, Chief Executive Officer, Djembe Consultants

James Deacon, Account Director, Djembe Consultants

2020: A Resilient Africa: An annual report of AfriLabs impact

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