A Resilient Africa 2020 - An AfriLabs Impact Report


AfriLabs Hubs Learning Week

Trends and insights from ESOs, entrepreneurs, and investors

The AfriLabs Hubs Learning week is a series of capacity building virtual workshops that empowers innovation hub managers, and staff with requisite/formal incubation management training and skills needed to start, operate and expand hubs/innovation centres in Africa. The virtual capacity building workshop is part of the AfriLabs Capacity Building Programme (ACBP) which is a 36-month intensive capacity building programme for hubs, funded by the Agence Française de Développement. During the year, the 1st, 2nd, and the Special Edition of the learning week were held.

22 topics were delivered

1,587 participants from over 37 countries and the 5 regions in Africa were in attendance.

2020: A Resilient Africa: An annual report of AfriLabs impact

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