A Resilient Africa 2020 - An AfriLabs Impact Report


The AfriLabs Annual Gathering is a place to learn about the technological impacts happening in the Africa continent and also to discover the technological roadmap for the continent for the coming year. It was fascinating learning about Tomi Davies' 3 C's (Character, Confidence, Coachability) that guides him to know whether a founder or founding team is ready to build a business that matters.

“This year the theme “Building a Resilient Innovative Africa” could never have been more apt to the situation our Ecosystem faced in 2020 with the COVID- 19 Pandemic. It was crucial to maintain the networking and collaborative element of the in-person AfriLabs Annual Gathering of previous years which goes a long way in shaping the face of the African tech Ecosystem in the new year. Watching the collaborations formed from this year's gathering and connections established from the networking avenues provided was all the validation that we needed. The Content provided this year was specifically designed to be engaging, encouraging and aligned to address the current issues plaguing our Ecosystem. The feedback received so far has illuminated that the content was indeed impactful and incredibly knowledge imparting to all the attendees.

Samuel Omokhafe, Program Manager, Wennovation Hub.

Les sujets discutés et l'experience des intervenants étaient très riches, c'était moralisant, instructif et prometteur surtout dans la situation du COVID que nous traversons actuellement en tant que Hub. Je ne vais pas manquer de notifier la bonne coordination des sessions qui a refleté une association harmonieuse et professionnelle du travail fait par les organisateurs et leur partenaires. Tout simplement, AfriLabs est un model parfait de la résilience. Comme Rebecca Enonchong l'a dit dans l'une de ses sessions : nous avons toujours développé la resilience en nous depuis. Vive toute la Communauté d'AfriLabs!

Jennifer Okeke-Ojiudu, Events Lead, AfriLabs

The Annual Gathering 2020 provided an opportunity for us to AfriLabs continuously improve and learn from peer networks and even in our work we have learnt so many new things.

Sarobidy N. RAKOTOARIVO, Habaka (Madagascar Innovation Hub), Coworking space and Event Manager

Emmanuel Lobijo, Founder and Executive Director, Junub Open Space, South Sudan

2020: A Resilient Africa: An annual report of AfriLabs impact

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