A Resilient Africa 2020 - An AfriLabs Impact Report


Agence française de développement (AFD). We have also had an interesting series of research activities and dialogues that have revealed interesting insights with partners such as Djembe Insights, KTN Global Alliance, and Mozilla Foundation as well through our activities at the EdTech Hub and CovidAction focused on supporting innovations that support out of school children and other citizens deal with the effects of the pandemic. This year our network grew and we added more countries into our network Guinea Bissau, Cabo Verde and Equatorial Guinea and we took our most exciting event every year, our AfriLabs Annual Gathering virtual. It was a memorable experience indeed!! Overall, we saw the power of our community shine through. We now believe more than ever that if we work together, we can overcome anything. We can build, grow, and achieve our vision of an Innovation economy in Africa, driven by the power of our community. We are a resilient people and this report showcases our stories, through the voices of our team, our members,

partners, and everyone who has worked with us or been impacted by us this year. If you have been part of our story, we would like to say a big thank you! If you haven’t...well, let’s make it happen in the new year 2021. We are always excited to grow our family!

2020: A Resilient Africa: An annual report of AfriLabs impact

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