A Resilient Africa 2020 - An AfriLabs Impact Report


My experience thus far has been fulfilling and brings a sense of belonging and aligned purpose. The work AfriLabs has been doing across Africa is very instrumental in creating a clearly defined ecosystem framework and setting a standard and best practices that country initiative can emulate. Through AfriLabs I have been able to collaborate and network with several organizations across the continent and I am very confident that the collaboration will grow as we evolve and grow ourselves. AfriLabs has empowered me and my organization not only through the various grant opportunities but also by creating a platform where I can share my skills and market my organization's activities. I strongly believe AfriLabs is well placed and structured enough to bring all African tech and innovation startups together and to facilitate better policy development and implementation. I am a proud AfriLabber!

Avec AfriLabs, nous avons la possibilité de parler à des hubs à travers l'Afrique. AfriLabs nous donne le mérite de parler à des partenaires. Mes collègues apprennent et moi en apprenons beaucoup sur le pôle d'innovation et sur la meilleure façon de gérer un pôle.

Abdelsalam Safi, Founder and CEO, Wenak Lab

This year has been an amazing year despite the Global pandemic as we saw increased participation by our members in exploring all the opportunities provided to produce greater solutions to combat the notable challenges experienced during the course of the year. As a network, collaboration is a key factor we emphasize on, and having to see members collaborate towards ecosystem expansion and development through several projects and programmes has been satisfying. We look forward to developing the African ecosystem as a unified force for economic change.

Mara Zhanet Michelo, Founder and CEO, Jacaranda Hub, Zambia

Douar Tech was one of the first Moroccan hubs to join the AfriLabs Alliance. We're grateful to bring a North African contribution to this collective effort, to bring together the creative and entrepreneurial communities of the continent. Besides getting connected to peers from other hubs of the continent and bringing along projects to work on together, we are happy to participate in various programs the Alliance is setting up for the purpose of sharing knowledge and opportunities.

Kenechukwu C. Chukwu, Member Services Coordinator, AfriLabs

Hanae BEZAD, Founder, Douar Tech, Morocco

2020: A Resilient Africa: An annual report of AfriLabs impact

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