AfriLabs Capacity Building Needs Assessment

This report is prepared by AfriLabs. This r eport is ba s ed o n primar y and sec o nd ary data sets that were made available by AfriLabs. The analysis contained in the report is accurate as of the date of data collection and may not reflect any event or circumstances which occur after the date of data collection. Should additional information be provided to the analysts after the issuance of the final report, they reserve the right to review this information and adjust the content accordingly. The analysts understand that a copy of the report can be released publically on the basis that it is published for general information only and that we do not accept any liability or responsibility in relation to this report. Recipients of this report should seek independent expert advice as this report was not prepared for any other purpose than that detailed in the Terms of Reference and cannot be relied upon for any other research. Pursuant to the terms of our engagement, it is understood that all decisions in connection with the implementation of recommendations as provided by the analysts during this engagement, shall be the responsibility of AfriLabs. Comments in this report are not intended, nor should they be interpreted, to be our opinion, rather that of ESOs, entrepreneurs and investors. Note that the data used for the report was gathered before the COVID - 19 pandemic. However, current interaction with members of our communities shows that issues contained in the report and recommendations proffered are still relevant today.


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