October Kitchen - March 2022

The price of living has been rising, even before the pandemic. As a result, some people are left without a home because they cannot afford their rent or mortgage. It’s heartbreaking to see people who don’t have a roof over their heads, but a man from New Jersey has taken action to help these people in need. LOCAL MAN MAKES A DIFFERENCE IN HIS COMMUNITY Offering Free Housing to Those in Need

When the pandemic first hit, Arya had firsthand experience of how difficult it was to find affordable places to stay. He told CBS News, “People started getting quarantined, lockdowns started happening and we started seeing an influx of unhoused people. You know, they just couldn’t afford rent anymore, so they’d come to our motel.” Arya used TikTok to create funny videos of his hotel, and that’s when he had the idea of offering free rooms to his followers who needed a place to stay. He soon launched a Free Room For You program and advertised it on social media. This idea skyrocketed and soon, people began coming to the motel for a room. Since most of these people couldn’t afford housing, they donated food and toiletries to cover the cost. Local college students would donate supplies from their food pantry to help Arya with the

customers never notice that I’m talking to them in this language because of the effort my staff and I put into our meals. We want them to be healthy while still enjoying food and we have loved every minute of this journey of creating delicious meals that are packed with nutrients and flavor. I want to give a big thank-you to my customers for allowing me and my staff to create delicious and nutritious meals for you to reheat and enjoy. I’m so happy that we are able to make your experience both healthy and enjoyable! number of people staying at the motel. He created an Amazon Wish List and supporters from around the nation donated to his cause. Since offering free places to stay, Arya has filled between 50–60 rooms. He says that his residents have become a part of his family. He’s listened to their stories and says he is fortunate that he can help his community in such an impactful way. Thank you to Brian Arya and the supporters and donors for helping people in need. Your acts of kindness don’t go unnoticed!

Brian Arya is the owner of the Lincoln Tunnel Motel and is providing free housing to those who need a place to stay. This motel has been in Arya’s

Instead of using heavy cream sauce, I will substitute it for low-fat milk and leave the butter out of the recipe. I can use rice flour (that is healthier) to thicken the liquids in the dish. I also like using fresh greens instead of frozen vegetables because they add more nutrients to the dish. Even ... continued from Cover family for years. In 2012, Arya began working the night shift at the motel and then in 2017, his father made him a partial owner of the motel. Arya did have aspirations of becoming an actor, but he found a purpose in helping people and making his community a better place.

though the Ritz bread crumbs are delicious, they’re high in fat. So instead, I use gluten-free panko crumbs that provide the same flavor without all of the fats. We are preparing food for people to reheat in their homes, so we like to ensure they get all of the nutrients they need within their meals. We avoid as many carbs, sodium, fat and sugar as possible and pack the dishes with vegetables and proteins. You can still taste all of the wonderful flavors within the food while not experiencing any guilt — that’s the best part about creating meals. Creating new recipes and designing the menu is very exciting because nutrition is like a love language that I learned how to speak fluently. My

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